Split Blue Diamond

A process called, "SPLIT BLUE DIAMOND" has been developed by Olsen E-Z Cuts, INC. and a diamond plating engineering firm. This new process has superceded all other diamond coating techniques. The diamond particles actually split and fracture when it begins to fatigue thus giving you another sharp surface to continue. All Combo's, "S" floats and float blades coated in "SPLIT BLUE DIAMOND" are made from stainless steel. Manufactured in the United States assures a superior product!

The Diamond Combo is the ultimate finishing float! All the usability of our standard Combo but with the durability of Diamonds on stainless steel, what more could you ask for? This float is just what you need if you are addressing bit seats, putting a radius on the canines or just putting the finishing touches on a completed mouth. The diamond is not aggressive with soft tissue but can polish a surface to smooth perfection. This tissue friendly float is the perfect float to take your finished mouth to the next level. Once you have used one of our Combos you will always want one in your bucket. All Combo's, "S" floats and float blades coated in Split Blue Diamond are made from stainless steel!

Mini Combo


Stainless steel float blade coated in Split Blue Diamond.
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Bull nosed burrr

Apple core/bit seat burr


1/2' Dia. Apple Core, Ball Nose, Split Blue Diamond Burr

5/8' Dia. Apple Core, Ball Nose, Split Blue Diamond Burr
The Split Blue Diamond Buccal Burr fits the Capps and most other Rotary Disc Floats. For reducing buccal points on the upper molar arcade. Works well for lingual points on the lower molar arcade also. Polished, convex outer surface to help reduce soft tissue damage.

*shipping charges not included in total price,

1 1/4" Split Blue Diamond Disc

1 1/4 Inch Split Blue Diamond Disc with Guard

1 inch Split Blue Diamond Disk

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