Rotary Disc Float

This Disc Float has a larger 90 degree head and with the 1 1/4 inch dia. Split Blue Diamond Disc works well for incisor reduction.

This Rotary Disc Float features a low profile 90 degree head with removable guard. This guard is held in place with a stand O-ring and is very easy to remove and replace without tools. We offer a variety of Discs, burrs, and drills that can be used in this unit. The hand piece is designed as part of the instrument, which allows for small diameter outer housing. This system comes with a fine grit carbide disc, carbide apple core burr, wrench for changing burrs, lube gun, 4 oz. of food grade lube and padded carry case. We offer Split Blue Diamond coated burrs to fit the system.

Rotary Disc Float
Square Drive Conv. Kit / Rotary & Disc Floats

This Rotary has a guard that rotates 360 degrees and a head that angles in any direction from 0-25 degrees without the need for tools. It is designed with an integral hand piece and uses short shank standard burrs to eliminate vibration. It is also offered in aa straight version that has a 360 degree rotating guard with the Flex Joint. Comes with a Split Blue Diamond burr, tools for changing and a padded carry case.

Rotary Float With Flex Joint
Rotary Float W/O Flex Joint

This reciprocating float system allows for rapid reduction of major cheek teeth malocclusions. All routine floating procedures can be performed with ease. The flat shaft design allows for continual feed back of the float angle on the occlusal surface. This assures the appropriate occlusal surface angle of between 12 and 15 degrees. This instrument is unique in its long stroke and controlled variable speed. Three different interchangeable float shafts allow for precision work at varying depths within the oral cavity. All floats are hand-crafted from high quality stainless steel and can use either the less expensive tungsten carbide chip blades or the more efficient, Olsen E-Z Cut solid carbide float blade. The reciprocating float kit is excellent to use for the reduction of large waves, ramps and steps without fatigue.

Reciprocating Float Kit

SHORT STEP - Used on 06's & 07's, hooks, ramps, points, transverse ridges and tapering bit seats.
LONG STEP - Used on 08's & 09's, points, waves, steps and excessive transverse ridges.
STRAIGHT - Used on all arcade points, upper buccal cusps, ramps, waves, steps and excessive transverse ridges, especially efficient on the 10's.

Reciprocating Float
$ 152.00 ea

Deluxe Rotary Kit


The Deluxe Rotary Kit allows the practitioner to perform bit seats, incisor reductions/realignments, reduce ramps, hooks, steps, waves, and transverse ridges in miniatures to drafts. These instruments eliminate the need for all tooth cutters that may cause iatrogenic fractures. Purchasing the kit saves you $100.00

* Deluxe Rotary Kit
* Carrying Case with Accessory Box
* Heavy Duty Motor Tool
* Variable Speed Foot Pedal
* Tri-Tip Caudal Hook Grinder
* 4 - 1" Hand Pieces
* 2- ½" Hand Pieces
* 2 Bit Seat Burrs
* 2 Incisor Burrs
* 2 Canine Burrs
* 2 Ramp Burrs
* 2 Diamond Wheels with Mandrels
* Buccal Retractor
* Safety Glasses
* Spare Inner Cable
* Belt Loop Clip
* Ground Fault Interrupter (GFI)
* Dental Chart Book
* 5 Dental Malocclusion Pamphlets
* Hand Piece Wrenches
* Hand Piece Lube
* Note: Each component available separately

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