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Data Dent is a computerized dental program used exclusively for equine dentistry. It utilizes all of today's modern technologies in a comprehensive format for MS Windows 2000-ME, XP or Vista. The graphics are unique to the Data Dent program and there are 38 widget buttons with the most common pathologies found in the equine today, including hooks, ramps, waves and most incisor problems. All widget buttons show the pathologies and at the press of a button, it's on your dental chart. Made an error? No problem, push undo and it's gone. See something that's not on a widget? With Data Dent, you can draw it in. Once in your data base, your next visit to a particular client is only a click away. The program is very easy to use, even if you are just beginning to use a PC. Most computer programs today cost thousands of dollars, but the Data Dent program is moderately price at $1,500.00
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The Data Dent Program is an easy way to chart and keep records for you equine dental practice.

*At the push of a button 38 widgets have the most common dental problems seen on a daily basis.
*If the existing problem is not in the widget list,
it can be drawn in with a number of tools with MS Paint
*Keep a complete data base on all your clients.
*Pull up past clients at the click of button.
*Look up clients by owner's name, horse's name or a number of other references.
*Shift teeth to represent the pathology you see.
*Show fractures of missing teeth.
*Show ventral curvatures, adjust canines, hooks, ramps and waves to your clients.
All at the click of a button.
*Large comment section so you can explain to clients special notes and procedures.
*Print a copy for your client.


*shipping charges not included in total price, call for exact quote


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